Bachelor of Arts Programs Plan Meet-Up

Meet and greet artwork
Graphic Illustration by Lisa Sheridan

A Novel Concept

On Thursday evening, March 7, from 6:00-8:00 PM, the BA programs will hold a meet-up. The Student Association is sponsoring the event proposed by Dr. Elizabeth Alsop. Dr.Alsop recently joined CUNY SPS as the Academic Director for both the Liberal Studies and Communications and Media programs.

According to Dr. Alsop, the evening will allow students to meet with their professors, administration, and fellow students. The informal get-together will facilitate face to face conversations, which is a rarity in digital higher education. No formal speeches are scheduled, but plans include a light meal in the initial congregation. Breakout sessions will immediately follow.

Looking Ahead

Dr. Alsop plans to hold regular conventions for the Bachelor of Arts programs. Depending on budget, these assemblies might be held each semester.

The BA programs include psychology, sociology, human relations, disability studies, liberal studies, and communications and media. However, science program students may attend.

To RSVP the event, please contact Student Services.

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