CUNY SPS Achieves High National Ranking for Online BA Program

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On January 15, 2019, U.S. News and World Report, an organization that prides itself as “the global authority in education” released their 2019 Best Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs report. In this report, the CUNY School of Professional Studies Online Baccalaureate program was ranked 15th best online program out of 367 online programs that were up for evaluation. Currently, CUNY SPS has over 3400 students enrolled in credit-bearing courses, and thousands of students enrolled in non-credited courses. Founding Dean John Mogulescu spoke with The Kiosk to talk further about this achievement.  

Dean Mogulescu expressed that he was proud of the college achieving a rank in the overall top five percent for the second time, particularly considering that the CUNY School of Professional Studies is still a newer college. He felt that the ranking in the top five percent put the CUNY School of Professional Studies in good company with other major online programs.   

Dean John Mogulescu

U.S. News and World Report utilize a method of ranking online colleges based on four categories: engagement, services and technology, faculty and training, and expert opinion. In the area of faculty and training, CUNY SPS received a score of 93 out of 100. Dean Mogulescu was asked what he believed attributed to the college obtaining a very high score in the area of faculty credentials. He explained that it was essential for the college to hire the best faculty and staff. Dean Mogulescu stated that providing training and guidance to faculty and staff was necessary to the students being successful in the online learning environment. 

Dean Mogulescu explained that CUNY SPS has an online orientation that new students are required to attend. The orientation provides newcomers with the help and initial support they will need to be successful with their online studies. Dean Mogulescu believes that to receive a valuable online learning experience, it is important ” to not lower the rigor or quality but make the technology more accessible.” to students. He also stated that when students struggle with the technology issue, they can get help with the help desk. He spoke about how the students and staff have a committee that set out to find thoughtful ways to utilize student technology fees.   

In this report, The CUNY School of Professional Studies Online Baccalaureate program was ranked 15th best online program out of 367 online programs that were up for evaluation.

When asked to define the cornerstone of what goes into creating a successful online program Dean Mogulescu replied that he “tries to be better than the status quo,” that he likes to “think differently and believes that change is good” and lastly that it is “essential to offer educational programs that serve the educational needs of the urban community.”  

Dean Mogulescu also touched on what is next in line for the CUNY SPS program.  

He stated that the current five-year strategic plan ends in 2020 and that Senior Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, George Otte, and Senior Dean of Strategy and Innovation, Tracy Meade, will be leading the school’s next five-year plan this Spring. The approach to this five-year-plan will include student input and will have an open-minded approach, with no pre-judgments. 

Dean John Mogulescu’s career with CUNY dates back to 1972 at New York City Community College (now New York City College of Technology). In 1990, Dean Mogulescu became University Dean of Adult and Continuing Education in the Office of Academic Affairs at CUNY. Dean Mogulescu has spent over 30 years in CUNY’s Office Academic Affairs and has managed countless programs within CUNY and with external partners such as the New York City Public School system. In 2003, Dean Mogulescu was selected to be the founding Dean of the CUNY School of Professional Studies. 

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