Editor’s Note on The Kiosk Launch: A Call to Action

ribbon cutting to launch The Kiosk

Co-chairs of the Student Association Tara Santos and Rohan Ketwaroo cut the ribbon to launch The Kiosk

The Kiosk, CUNY SPS’ first student-run news site, had its ribbon-cutting launch party at the school’s campus. The editorial staff was delighted and grateful that the event was attended by so many well-wishers.

The winners of The Kiosk content contest winners were announced at the event held Monday, October 29, 2018.  Winners were given editorial positions in addition to Amazon gift cards. The winners by category were:

  1. Hard news: Duubar Villalobos Jimenez
  2. Feature story: Donald Joshua
  3. Photography and video: April Moore
  4. Graphics and logo: Milan Fredricks

Many people throughout the CUNY system helped to make The Kiosk dream a reality.  The funding for The Kiosk is entirely underwritten by students: generous support from both the CUNY SPS Student Association and the CUNY-wide USS made this student publication a reality.

Craig Newmark School of Journalism former Associate Dean Judith Watson discussed student journalism with former USS Chair Joseph Awadjie
Former Associate Dean of the Craig Newmark School of Journalism Judith Watson discusses student journalism with former USS Chair Joseph Awadjie

Recent SPS graduates who contributed to The Kiosk included:  Linda Yau, Yerelyn Nunez, and Portia Lightfoot.  There was SPS’ dedicated administration whose efforts facilitated publication, most particularly: Marissa Job, Anthony Sweeney, and Washington Hernandez. There was also the guiding influence of SPS faculty: Dr. Elizabeth Alsop, and Professor Bradley Gardener.  Valuable training was provided by Craig Newmark School of Journalism at CUNY thanks to the former Associate Dean Judith Watson and Professor Chris McKenna.  Katina Paron of Dateline: CUNY also gave important journalistic advice.

The Kiosk exists to bridge to distance gap for the online student. To accomplish that goal, this publication will need many students’ involvement.  The Kiosk encourages students to take a picture, shoot a video, write a story, or record the audio when they see or hear something of interest. CUNY SPS students may be online and learning via distance, but they can make their voices heard in an immediate and real way.

The editorial staff wants to point out that a launch is not a destination. The Kiosk launch party celebrated the work that has been done, but the voice of the students still has lots of work to do.

Please join the calling.

Thank you,

Lisa Sheridan, founding publisher, and editor-in-chief

The Kiosk


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