photographic sketch of 3 women holding a Haitian flag

Haitian Flag Day. Photo illustration by Lisa Sheridan

Commemorating Haitian Independence with Music, Food and Dance

Haitian Flag Day was on May 18th, and festivals were held in many major US cities to celebrate. Flag Day commemorates when in 1803, the Haitian people of African ancestry decided to join forces to fight the French army for independence. To symbolize this unity, they took a French flag, cut off the white stripe and joined the blue and the red ones. Legend says that a heroine named Catherine Flon sewed the flag with her own hair.

Haitian Flag Day is one of the most popular national holidays along with the Independence Day and the “Vertieres” fight. Haitian people, all over the world, always make sure that this way is celebrated one way or another. We are so proud of our bicolor that we bring it in many ways. The Haitian flag is represented as t-shirts, shoes, hats, even underwear or swimsuit. Whatever you can do to show off your pride of the flag is welcomed.

Carnival in Brooklyn

There are parades in the streets where all types of associations march to celebrate the flag. In New York, every year, Haitian people, even those who are born in America from Haitian parents, celebrate the day in a carnival atmosphere. This year, the Legislative Office Building (LOB) is organizing an event hosted by Haitian-American legislators, to celebrate Haitian culture on Monday, May 20, 2019.

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