Jamu -Traditional Indonesian Drink

Jamu is an excellent refreshing traditional medicinal drink from Indonesia that is very easy to make at home. The main ingredient in Jamu is turmeric: which is known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. The drink is typically served cold, and the addition of honey or agave easily goes well as a sweetener to finesse the pungent taste of turmeric root. Jamu can also be served hot during the winter months.

  • Recipe
    1 cup of Tumeric Root – don’t peel, just wash with cold water
    1 cup of Ginger Root – don’t peel, just wash with cold water
    1 qt of unsweetened coconut water ( I prefer coconut milk)
    1 Lemon
    Add Honey or Agave to taste
  • Juice ingredients and serve cold
    Garnish with cracked black pepper

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