Miss Big B: A Social Media Star on the Rise

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Brenda Raquel, more commonly known as Miss Big B, is a Dominican actress and writer from New York City who has used social media to promote her creativity. Comedy skits have allowed her to gain a following but her goal is to be known as a versatile actor who can do it all. From taking acting classes, creating her own content, and working on her craft daily, she’s enjoying the journey and the process of all that it entails. Here’s what she had to say about her internet personality and her rising fame through social media.

image of Brenda Raquel
Picture of Brenda Raquel from her @missbigb Instagram Page

How would you describe your online personality, Miss Big B, and is there a lot of your true self in her?

I would describe my online personality as someone relatable; someone the average woman could look at and say, “oh wow, that just happened to me” and my favorite, “she says what I’m thinking.” There is a whole lot of my true self in her – the sarcasm, the making jokes to lighten an embarrassing or heartbreaking situation. However, some of the content is an exaggerated version of things that have happened to me while most are things I’ve seen happen to others.

What motivated you to start creating comedic content online?

I always liked expressing my opinions but most of it was shared through writing. Once Instagram allowed users to make videos, I took advantage of the selfie ranting craze. When they extended the length of videos, I started doing improvised skits with my comedian friends and colleagues. It was everything I wanted because acting is my passion.

Are there any other influencers that inspire you and that you would love to work with?

I don’t really go on a following spree so if I bump into a page that I feel will motivate me to go harder, I do. One of the first comedians I followed was King Keraun. He was effortlessly funny and following his journey, reading up on his story and how far he’s made it is very inspiring, I would love to work with him.

Tonio Skits inspires me because I’ve seen first-hand how professional he is about his craft and as amazing as his career is going, he finds time to share jewels of the game. I am inspired daily by funny women like Glory Monell, OhJani, Sasha Merci, Dee Nasty, Rachel La Loca and many other hilarious women who don’t need to show all their goodies for likes.

Is there any content that you have put out there that has gotten a lot of attention or went viral and why do you think that is?

Yes! The Catcalling video went super viral and I now understand why. In the video, I did all the uncomfortable catcalling that men do, I switched it up. I had no idea people would love and share this video so much as I was making it. Sometimes you have to show men how pathetic some of the things they do are. It was like holding a mirror to their face and at the same time giving women their power back.

What are 3 things that anyone interested in being an influencer should know?

  1. A lot is expected from your supporters. They want to hear from you so consistency is key. At the same time, you shouldn’t let the pressure of staying consistent drain you of your energy. Breaks are cool.
  2. Quality over quantity. Because we try to keep our supporters entertained, sometimes we post “anything” just to show our face. You should stay true to yourself, not lower your standards, and do what you’re comfortable with. Otherwise, being an influencer will become the job you hate getting up for.
  3. Don’t compare yourself and your journey to that of other influencers. Some people become a sensation overnight, while others take years. Focus on what works for you.

Be sure to see for yourself why the very funny Brenda Raquel is growing such a massive following on social media, @missbigb.

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