CUNY SPS students that are facing financial adversity during these trying times can apply for the Petrie Emergency Grant. This grant can assist students with emergency situations such as: temporary job loss, overdue bills, homelessness due to threat of eviction and various other emergency needs.  

Scholarship eligibility requirements: 

  •  Students must be registered at the CUNY School of Professional Studies for the current semester. 
  • Students must be matriculated. 
  • Students must have a record of good conduct. 
  • Students must have a current emergency need. 
  • Students must demonstrate the ability and intention to complete their course of study. 
  • Students must be available for an in-person or a virtual consultation and be willing to participate in post-award questionnaires and interviews. 
  • Only students residing in the United States are eligible to apply for the Petrie Emergency Grant.

For the record, the emergency grant is intended to be used for tuition cost, book fees, credit card debt, or legal representative services. 

For more information please visit: 


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