Scholarship Deadline Approaching: February 26, 2019

woman with application

Photo by April Moore, Photo Editor

How Do I apply?

There are fourteen scholarships offered directly by SPS.

Each of the fourteen scholarships is slightly different with unique awards and criteria. Eligibility varies for each scholarship. Students must have completed at least 6 credits at CUNY SPS to be considered for a scholarship. Refer to CUNY SPS Scholarships for more details. The application page offers a link to a portal.

The CUNY SPS has provided over $500,000 in scholarships to our students since 2012. There are academic scholarships offered to both undergraduate and graduate degree students. Awards range from partial to full tuition.

The deadline is fast approaching. Be sure to review the available scholarships and apply by Tuesday February 26, 2019:

Don’t miss the opportunity to apply. For further information:

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