Second Annual Student Leadership Conference at CUNY SPS

Student Association Co-Chairman Rohan Ketwaroo illustrates what a leader looks like

Student Association Co-Chair Rohan Ketwaroo illustrates his group’s vision of what a leader looks like. Photo by Lisa Sheridan

Addressing Technology

The second annual Student Leadership Conference was held on April 12th, 2019 at the CUNY SPS campus. The CUNY SPS Student Association had chosen the theme: “Leadership in the Digital Age.” From 9 AM to 3 PM, the attendees were served worthwhile presentations and food as well. After the opening statement by the representatives of the association, the Dean, Mr. John Mogulescu, honored the event with his presence and his welcome words of greeting.

Mr. Washington R. Hernandez, Associate Dean for Administration and Finance and Director of Information Technology, followed and spoke about technology then and now. He emphasized that technology should support human contact, not replace it. Mr. Hernandez gave the example of  SPS courses designed to connect people and the students. Technology then can promote and facilitate interaction.

The Need for Diversity in Tech

The Keynote speaker, Honey Berk, emphasized the importance of women and diversity in technology. Ms. Berk animated the audience with breakout team exercises on the topic “What Does a Leader Look Like?”  Groups of 4 or 5 participants worked collaboratively to present their versions of how they perceived a leader should be. Most groups described a leader as a good listener, motivated and proactive. The audience reactions and comments were enriching and substantial.

Dr. Bishop discusses leadership with students.
Dr. Bishop discusses leadership with students. Photo by Lisa Sheridan

Tech Workshops

At the end of the keynote address, the audience could choose between three specific breakout presentations that included:

  • Data Visualization and Presentation as Leadership by Bradley Gardener
  •  Real Careers in Blockchain by Jamiel Sheikh
  • Connecting Ethical Leaders: Building Analog and Digital Futures by Dr. Elizabeth Bishop.

All three presentations provided information on how to use technology to impact people and the society.

The second annual conference was funded and coordinated by the SPS Student Association. The Student Association co-chairs Tara Santos and Rohan Ketwaroo expressed appreciation for the students who attended, the panelists, the representatives who assisted in planning, and the members of the faculty for their support.

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