Is It Worth It To Take a Coding Bootcamp?

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Breaking the Code

As an IT professional by day, I come across this question a lot. Should I take a coding bootcamp class? Am I too old to code? Can I quit my job and become a digital nomad after I complete my three-month immersive training? The honest and candid answer is it’s possible, but the outcome depends on the person. I know that sounds like a cop-out answer, but let me continue with my review.

The need for qualified coders has probably never been more pronounced and intense. The experienced coder can write their own ticket and choose when and where they would like to work. Will you leave your Bootcamp with the ability to have your pick of job opportunites? There are always going to be those that excel and become the exception, but the majority of Bootcamp graduates are not going to leave at genius coding levels. In truth, that whole perception is wrong.

The Coding Bootcamp Drills

Bootcamp, at its core, is giving students the core foundational level skills that you can then build your structure of programming knowledge upon. The “genius coders” have sacrificed a lot of time before, during and after the Bootcamp class wrestling with foreign concepts. To excel in coding, you must be okay with being uncomfortable. You must be okay with the fact that you may have no idea of how you are going to complete a project at the beginning of an assignment, but you will research and work with others in your team to find the solution. In some cases, programmers are asked to do things and embrace concepts that may have never been attempted. The individuals who can encompass the ideas mentioned above can go on to have the most success.

In conclusion, Bootcamps can be worth it as long as you manage your expectation of what you are getting. Realiz that this is going to be an ongoing obligation to continue learning your craft and not a get-rich-quick ticket.

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1 thought on “Is It Worth It To Take a Coding Bootcamp?”

  1. Terrific article Donald!! Coding bootcamps can offer great opportunities but to your point, the bootcamp is only the launch. The coder must commit to ongoing learning. CUNY offers a terrific FREE coding bootcamp through a program called Revature. . The Revature program does the training, and then finds the graduates work through Revature’s clients. So Revature trains, and then employs the students. In exchange for the free training, the student agrees to work for Revature for a contracted period. The graduate of Revature does still draw a salary, but the new coder cannot seek outside full-time employment until the contractual period is over.

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