Sunday with Andy – My Discovery at the Whitney

sketch of andy warhol

A surprising discovery

This past Sunday, I was surprised to discover that CUNY students with a valid ID receive free admission to the Whitney Museum. Like every Sunday morning, I followed my routine of watching my favorite television news show. But this past Sunday, the news program was celebrating its 40th broadcasting year featuring the art and culture segment of the show.

I settled into my bed delighted by the fact that I had made a great decision in staying home and relaxing for the day. As I watched archived footage of episodes aired decades before my faithful viewership, I could not help but wonder if life could get any better than this. As soon as I pondered the thought, the universe seemed to answer with a resounding yes! Since shortly afterwards, Andy Warhol became the topic of focus.

Number 350?

You hear stories of people being so affected by an event that they cannot recall significant details involving anything prior to or surrounding the actual event. Well, that is exactly what happened to me. All I know is Andy Warhol was mentioned, and somewhere through the brain fog, the Whitney Museum and the number 350 was heard. The next thing I know, I’m dressed, out the door, and on the train heading to the meatpacking district of New York City on a quest to find Gansevoort Street. Just hearing Andy Warhol lit a fire under me so hot, it caused me to travel downtown in search of a street I wasn’t even 100% sure existed. Sidebar: I mean where has New York been hiding this street all of my life?

Become the soup can

Lo and behold, I reached my destination which confirmed the street as real. The Whitney museum’s exhibit of Andy Warhol’s artwork displayed how he turned the art world upside down and challenged the rules and norms of social classism. Andy Warhol’s can of soup was a notice to the beneficiaries of social classism issued on their turf – the art world. From his silkscreen prints of celebrities such as Jacqueline Kennedy to his independent films, Andy Warhol set the standard to which he measured himself. One takeaway I have from my Sunday with Andy is when you don’t fit the standards of the world, make the standards of the world fit you. Become the soup can.

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2 thoughts on “Sunday with Andy – My Discovery at the Whitney”

  1. This is so cool! I love Warhol’s work too and it’s great that students can use their CUNY ID for free admission to the Whitney.

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