ACE Scholarship Mentor Karline Barthe – In Her Own Words

Graphic Illustration by Milan Fredricks
Graphic Illustration by Milan Fredricks

Every year, students who are within 30 credits of their degree completion are invited to apply for the CUNY SPS ACE Scholarship. The scholarship provides full tuition until graduation. To be considered, students must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0, enroll for a minimum of 6 credits, and demonstrate financial need. As part of their award requirements, ACE Scholars mentor newly-admitted undergraduate students and act as ambassadors for the school. To fulfill the duties of the scholarship each recipient writes an essay about their ACE experience. The Kiosk will be publishing these essays each Wednesday.

The essay below is by Karline Barthe, who completed her degree Bachelors of Science in Nursing BSN in December 2018. She will be attending commencement in May 2019. Kerline is grateful for her experiences attained with ACE Scholars. She appreciates her mentees who allowed Karline to guide them through their first semester at CUNY SPS. This essay was written prior to her graduation.

My name is Karline Barthe and I am honored to call myself a CUNY SPS ACE Scholar. I am in my last semester from obtaining my BSN in two weeks. I am currently taking my last nursing capstone class and a Language for a US experience credit.

Image of Karline Barthe
Karline Barthe, ACE Scholar

I started my academia at CUNY SPS in 2016 after deciding to return to get my BSN. I work full time and have two active teenagers, so returning back to school was a challenge for time management, so online learning was the best choice for me. I applied and was accepted during the first semester. I also applied to be a mentee for the ACE Peer-Mentor program and was chosen. During that time, I gained so much knowledge from my mentor who also was in her last semester of getting her BSN. This experience was one I carried over into the next couple of semesters. I decided that I would want to give back to incoming students that may need guidance during their freshman semester. I missed the deadline for scholarship but was encouraged to apply for the next application period which I did and was selected as a recipient for full scholarship until I receive my degree. The financial burden that was lifted for just one semester was a financial relief for me without delaying me to taking one class per semester which would push me back with graduating as scheduled.

The relationship as a mentor with my mentees was very fulfilling because I was able to share the knowledge from my mentor and what I have learned with maneuvering Blackboard, deadlines for assignments, emailing with professors and student services. I gained insightful information from my mentees on how they handle stressful situations and learned that sometimes we can’t get to them as much as we would like, but just give them as much information to carry on until our next conversation.

The support you receive from the director of student services Dr. Zeita-Marion Lobley and associate director of student life Anthony Sweeney is beyond amazing, with support and encouragement to continue your journey despite the obstacles you may encounter.

The qualities of a mentor to me are patience, good listening skills, and the ability to share knowledge and research with others. It is also important to understand that your mentee may be in a place in their life that doesn’t allow them to be fully attentive to your suggestions, so you must find ways to incorporate that to ensure they can have a positive experience during the semester that will allow them to reach their goals.

I look forward to continuing my nursing education towards my Master’s degree. Thank you, ACE Scholarship, for giving me the opportunity to excel and to achieve my goals while financially stress-free, all while helping other people to adjust and manage their goal to obtaining their degrees.

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