ACE Scholarship Mentor Patricia Allotey – In Her Own Words

Graphic Illustration by Milan Fredricks
Graphic Illustration by Milan Fredricks

Every year, students who have 30 credits or less left for their degree completion are invited to apply for the CUNY SPS ACE Scholarship. The scholarship provides full tuition until graduation. To be considered, students must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0, enroll for a minimum of 6 credits, and demonstrate financial need. As part of their award requirements, ACE Scholars mentor newly-admitted undergraduate students and act as ambassadors for the school. To fulfill the duties of the scholarship each recipient writes an essay about their ACE experience. The Kiosk will be publishing these essays each Wednesday.

The next essay in this series is by Patricia Allotey, who is in the B.A. in Psychology program.

Dreams, aspiration and the desire to be independent and resourceful definitely starts at a tender age. Dreams and aspirations as I always put it, are but, just a lofty catalyst that pushes the adventure and the desire of humans to succeed. I have many goals and aspirations. These goals push me to take key positions in various institutions. It has encouraged me to further my education at CUNY SPS.

The world is evolving; children are neglected day by day, due to the nature of parents’ occupation. Children are still after latch keys and decide what to eat and wear. As a young adult, I aspire to greater heights. I aspire to create an environment to make children happy and live comfortably. I aspire to make a world where the dreams of children, especially the vulnerable and destitute are well managed, resourced and catered for. This is a dream that demand discipline and determination to achieve, but without financial support and an excellent mentorship program provided by the ACE scholarship, I struggle in vain.

The ACE scholarship therefore came at a period that I needed it most and indeed, has gone a long way to making this dream achievable. Not only has this financial boost helped me offset the cost of my schooling, but it has made me more determined and has served as a catalyst that always edges me on even when I am tired and down. The ACE Scholarship is money donated by kind people to help others achieve their goal. It, therefore, behooves me to make such unknown faces proud and also support others in the future. Getting good grades is important to me regardless, but it gives me the little extra push knowing my education matters to people I don’t even know.

The mentorship program is an excellent avenue to learn from people and also discuss challenges. It has equipped me with life lessons and skills to overcome educational challenges. I am always glad to see like-minded people who are determined to make a difference in the lives of others. And that is what the ACE Mentorship Scholarship does.

Final years are normally difficult and time-consuming. This is because you have to sum up everything you have learned and prove to your professor that you are ready to take on the world when you walk out of the walls of the university. Having this in mind, I work hard every day and I am looking forward to a better grade point average (GPA). I am so pleased with the way my college career has shaped up. My life has been touched and fueled with the open hand support from the ACE Scholarship. I am looking forward to becoming the voice that empowers women and helps vulnerable children. I believe that women are the “backbone” of the family in many societies and their empowerment is paramount to national development. As said by a Ghanaian Scholar, Dr. James Emmanuel Kwegyir-Aggrey (1875-1927), “If you educate a man you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman you educate a family (nation)”.

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