SPS Student Wins the CUNY-wide Photo Challenge

smiling woman stands in front of wall of graffiti

CUNY Photo Challenge Winner, Yerelyn Nunez, in her winning photo

CUNY has a challenge open to all undergraduate and graduate students. The challenge encourages students to take a creative photo in relation to the student life. Judges really like images that are creative but tell a story at the same time. They also prefer horizontal images as opposed to vertical ones. Winners are chosen monthly starting from September through May, and then in the month of June one winner is selected for the entire year and gets an iPad (how cool is that!). The winner is selected depending on which photo got the most likes on the official CUNY Facebook page.   

I won in March and was selected as the winner for the 2017-2018 CUNY photo challenge due to having the most likes on my photo. I’m the first student at CUNY SPS to win both the monthly challenge and the entire year. The picture was taken with my iPhone by my brother, we took some pictures in Astoria (welling court mural project) and Long Island City. The main reason why I did the challenge was to share it as a personal post on the CUNY SPS Instagram page. I thought it would be a good post to share that’s relevant to the CUNY life and that it would encourage others to do the challenge or provide some type of exposure for those who are unaware of the contest.   

For my picture, I really wanted to showcase the flexibility of being an online student which is why I chose to shoot outdoors. I also thought the juxtaposition of these two images would be great to present as a visual metaphor where both the work life and student life come together at once, which is where the inspiration for the name of my image came from “Two Worlds Collide”. On one side you have a very colorful, vibrant, and fun artwork and right next to it is this grayscale image with children that look scared, which in my opinion is a perfect representation of what one may be feeling. Whether it be the academic journey that scares you and the vibrant side is where you are currently in and thriving in your comfort zone or vice versa. The grayscale is the current workplace or situation you are in and the vibrant future is the academic journey you’re about to take.  

Find more information about the CUNY Photo Challenge.

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