students at CUNY SPS

Pictured: Lianna Scull, Assistant Director of Sociology and Human Relations, Diomaris Peguero, Bonnie Oglensky, Melanie Lorek, and Susan Fountain

Human Relations is about how to make the workplace more productive and satisfying. The BA in Human Relations degree at CUNY SPS teaches students how to skillfully respond to various challenges of human behavior in our evolving and increasingly global, diverse, and technologically oriented world of work.
Students in the program develop and refine their leadership, managerial, and supervisory skills.
The curriculum is derived from concepts within the fields of psychology, sociology, business, communications, and the humanities. Students work on developing skills to make work relationships and workplaces more productive. Students in the program evaluate and resolve workplace issues. They foster collaboration, motivation, and employee engagement by learning sociological and psychological concepts.
Students review how human relations in the workplace affects various forms of social inequality and difference while contributing to efforts that improve organizational policy and culture. They develop relevant strategies for conflict prevention, negotiation, and resolution in workplace settings.
Diomaris Peguero, a human relations student since 2017, takes classes to obtain a feeling of self-accomplishment. She has been a CUNY SPS student since 2017. “I think that my classes have made me a better leader and better at handling issues of diversity,” says Peguero. Besides, she feels that they are helping her to refine her skills on how to differentiate between cultures and manage different attitudes through understanding.

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