Three Identical Strangers – A Synopsis

image of the man's face from the nose up

Three Identical Strangers is a documentary about the shocking true story of triplets who were adopted and separated at birth. Reunited by chance, this compelling story is deeper than a happy reunion. The story starts to unravel itself when 19-year-old Bobby Shafran attends his first day at Sullivan Community College, where people enthusiastically started greeting him left and right. Finally, a fellow student comes to his dorm staring at him in shock, asks him quite bluntly are you adopted and when is your birthday? Discovering the truth, they both sprang into action to meet his twin brother, Eddy Galland, however, things don’t stop there. The reunion of both twins got the media’s attention, which is how David Kellman discovered that he just might be the third.   

What’s even more shocking is that these triplets weren’t the only ones separated at birth. These separations were planned, and part of a secret research study that involved the separation of a couple of identical siblings. It is still unknown how many were separated and there still might be some out there that are unaware or don’t know where their twin is. The adopted parents were also unaware that the babies they were adopting had an identical sibling. As part of their research, they would go visit the adopted children, film them and make them take tests. They placed them in distant homes to answer one of the most debatable questions in psychology, nature versus nurture. The data acquired from the study is sealed in an archive at Yale University, set to be released in 2066 (when the subjects are long gone). This all took place right here with the help of the Louis Wise adoption agency located in New York City (research started in the 1960’s), and Doctor Peter Neubauer the psychoanalyst in this particular study (including a small team of other people who were also involved). 



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