5 Critical Reasons Why Your Vote Matters

people gathered around a vote sign

Voting is a privilege and a right that we have, however, many of us still don’t exercise that right. Instead, some ignore it, push it to the side, and let others make decisions for them by not participating in important elections that impact us all.

Here are 5 reasons why you should vote:

To honor those who fought and died for us to have the right to vote

  • According to the History.com, “on March 7, 1965, peaceful participants in a Selma to Montgomery march for voting rights were met by Alabama state troopers who attacked them with nightsticks, tear gas and whips after they refused to turn back”.

To have your voice heard in issues that directly affect the people & you

  • Reproductive rights, immigration rights, gun control, discrimination laws, etc.

To not only select the POTUS but other important state & local officeholders

  • Primary, general, and local elections are all crucial.

Communities who actively vote receive more public resources than the rest

  • According to HuffPost, “elected officials do not only respond to voters’ policy preferences, but they also award a greater chunk of public resources to the people who bother to show up”.

Student issues would be addressed if students actively voted 

  • According to an article on Study.com, “Politicians know who votes each election, and they are more likely to support initiatives that are popular among groups with the highest voter turnout”.

“The City University of New York’s Project Vote exemplifies our long-standing commitment to promoting voter participation.  With voter registration efforts coordinated out of the Office of University Relations and encompassing 19 campuses, the project is responsible for registering more voters than any other City agency (approximately 60% of new registrants in recent years)”. CUNY students already have available them a pre-filled voting form. To complete it all they must do is log onto their CUNYfirst account and click on the section that reads “NYS Voter Registration Form”. Students who are not US citizens can go to CUNY Citizenship Now for assistance.

Stay woke & vote!

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