10 Memes Every Online Student Can Relate to

student or woman typing on laptop at night home

Image from dolgachov on Envato Elements

Take a moment to enjoy these hilarious yet accurate memes for the online student.

1. We all start off fresh and ready to conquer the world, however, things get a little overwhelming towards the end for all of us.

2. That moment when you wish you can just respond by saying ”I agree, great post!” but you know that’s not going to fly with your professor.

3. This might take a while…

4. So it looks like I will be able to hang out tonight!

5. Fighting temptations, I’ll just take a peak…

6. Ahh, group projects where one does most of the work and another one goes missing…

7. (First of all, who are you?!) Everyone has had a similar encounter, whether it be the opposite and you barely put any effort and your professor is praising your work, funny how life works…

8. “I’m so over this” moment in the semester

9. The most productive a student will ever be is when the deadline is closing in close. No distractions, emergency, & obligations can mess with a student determined to submit their assignment before 11:59 pm.

10. Graduation speeches should sound more like this. It’s time for us to be honest with ourselves.

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