Leonard Blades, Class of 2020

The class of 2020 is adjusting to disappointments. When students are struggling to pay bills, writing research papers while homeschooling young children, and obsessing over keeping loved ones safe and healthy, a postponed graduation seems like a much smaller problem.

At today’s Zoom town hall meeting, the administration announced that a virtual commencement will be held in May. Plans are underway for a more traditional analog commencement, although no decisions have been finalized for time or location.

The video below is from a Zoom conversation with Leonard Blades, a graduate student attaining his MA in Disability Studies in Higher Education. The video was edited for length. Like many students in the class of 2020, Leonard made a mark on CUNY SPS with his substantial commitment to the community.

If you wish to share a video about how you are adjusting to student life in the wake of the coronavirus, The Kiosk wants your story. For further details, please contact [email protected].

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