Late Wednesday, March 11, CUNY announced plans to move to a distance learning format for the remainder of the Spring 2020 semester effective next Thursday, March 19, 2020. This decision was made but not solely based on the concern of more than 20,000 frustrated CUNY students who circulated a petition to close campuses in light of the coronavirus. The unfortunate news broke that a John Jay student tested positive for coronavirus.

Students waited to wonder when their immediate safety and health would be taken into consideration by Governor Cuomo’s office. When demanding answers regarding public safety and the coronavirus, students were advised to wash their hands. 

As CUNY students focus attention on the need for funding, Legislative Director of the CUNY University Student Senate Smitha Varghese tells The Kiosk, “one student at Laguardia Community College was unable to wash their hands as there was no soap in the restroom.”

Although CUNY students are highly disappointed that their March in March for further funding has been canceled due to the coronavirus, they hope that messages will be sent to Governor Cuomo’s office regarding the importance of financially supporting our schools.

The University has implemented an “instructional recess” for on-campus courses from March 12 through 18. During this time, instructors and administrators will work to convert in-person courses to an online format.

 Clearly, there will be little to no gap in courses at CUNY SPS as a majority of them are held fully online. Students registered for these courses are to continue participating in class.

Despite the fact that CUNY SPS campus buildings at 119 W. 31st St. and 101 W. 31stSt. remain open for non-instructional services, many students have received alerts from administrators such as advisors that they will work remotely.

On-campus CUNY events expecting an attendance of 50 participants or more are postponed, effective March 11- 31. 

At present, the CUNY School of Professional Studies commencement ceremony will proceed as scheduled on May 29 at Lincoln Center in New York City. Anyone planning on attending the ceremony should be prudent regarding travel arrangements as all of this information is tentative.

***CUNY Chancellor Félix VMatos Rodríguez has instructed that all CUNY non-essential staff work remotely.

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