Entry Level Jobs for Communications and Media Majors

Many students at CUNY SPS or other colleges may either be seeking a job while they are in school or looking for their post-graduation job. There are many students in the Communications and Media program at our school. The job titles below are highly relevant to them as well as to other students in other programs. Some of these jobs require applicants to possess a bachelors degree, some require applicants to have no degree and others prefer at least an associate’s degree. The jobs below were chosen for this article because many of them will include on-the-job training rather than requiring one to spend significant amounts of time outside of class on various training in order to be fully-qualified for them. However, this is by no means intended to be a fully exhaustive list of jobs graduates from the Communications and Media program are eligible for.

Customer Service Representative 

There are many types of customer service jobs. Some of them pay minimum wage and others will have a starting salary of as much as $17-$19 per hour. Lower-paying jobs will often require the representative to assist with tasks including booking appointments or filling out online forms. Higher-paying jobs will often be found in the technology, finance or payroll sectors. These jobs will require several weeks of paid training and will include tasks such as reconciliation and password resets. Customer service jobs may also require you to assist with technical support related tasks. Other similar job titles include; Client Success Specialist, Customer Service Advocate, Customer Engagement, and Customer Support. 

English Tutor 

Communications and Media is closely related to English. Tutoring in English is a logical step for those with education experience or who seek to gain experience in the educational field. Additionally, teaching English as a Foreign Language does not always require one to complete an education major.  

Marketing Assistant 

Many companies seek marketing assistants who are looking to get their foot in the door. Many of these positions will only require a completion of a Marketing or related major, such as Communications and Media. These positions may not necessarily require prior experience. Another similar job title would be a marketing coordinator. 

Public Relations Assistant 

This is a great job for those who seek to get their foot in the door of a public relations firm. Some of these jobs are okay with candidates who do not have experience other than a degree. Others require applicants to have completed at least one internship. 

Account Management 

This job is closely related to sales. However, the main job of an account manager is to maintain client relationships once the account is fully onboarded. This profession requires significant knowledge and experience with Microsoft Excel.  

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