My Mindset to Managing Multiple Courses

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Too Many Classes?

Online courses can be very challenging and stressful. Not only does it require a lot of time, but also so much dedication. Time management is a very good tool to help plan time wisely. But for some people, the reality can be more complex. Working a full-time job and taking care of a family while attending online classes is not an easy matter. The best way to make all that run smoothly would be taking only two classes per semester. But for many of us, it will not match our main goal to have a degree in two years or less for many reasons. So we think it would be better if we could take more than three courses. Now the question is how to manage multiple courses with a busy schedule?

I was thinking about that, and I decided to take six courses for my very first semester at CUNY SPS. As I work at night, I thought it would be an easy matter to deal with it. But after attending the Orientation class, I realized that it would be a great struggle. Fortunately, my academic advisor suggested me to drop at least two courses, which I did without hesitation.

The Time Management Strategy

But still, with four classes, the challenge was still real. This is when I thought about how to make the time management very useful and these questions came in mind: how many threads to post on the discussion board? How many major assignments must I submit? How many quizzes do I have to take? How many other exercises are mandatory?

I realized that besides time and dedication, I need to have a strong mindset. My technique to manage multiple courses is to have an overview of all them together. Instead of seeing each course separately, I break them down in my time management. Hence, I became more mindful about the amount of work to do for the week.

For example, last week, I had:

* 4 threads to post on discussion board

* 8 replies to classmates’ posts

* 4 chapters to read

* 3 major assignments

* 4 quizzes

Last thing to do is just to make sure that we do at least something every day.

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2 thoughts on “My Mindset to Managing Multiple Courses”

  1. Great article Pierre! I work as a peer orientation mentor, and I cannot tell you how many times I end up telling newbie students to carefully consider their class load!

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