Six Signs A Job Interview Went Well

After a job interview, people are often very curious as to how it went. Some companies require applicants to go through five or more interviews, which can be a nerve-wrecking process for the applicant. Read below to learn a few signs that a job interview went well. 

The interviewer says they are impressed by your credentials. 

Usually, companies seek to remain as neutral as possible in the interview process. If an interviewer says this to you, chances are that they are being genuine about it. They may also respond by saying words such as; perfect or great answer when you answer their question. 

The interviewer makes eye contact with you. 

Eye-contact is definitely a sign of interest. On the converse, if an interviewer does not give eye contact or provides a reason for doing so such as taking notes, you should pay closer attention to determine their level of interest in hiring you. If they say they are going to be taking notes, their hands, arms and shoulders should be moving. If their hands, arms or shoulders do not appear to be moving in-person or on a video call, chances are they are not really taking notes. If they do not take a lot of notes when they say that they intend to do so, this may indicate a lack interest in hiring you. If you notice this on your interview and you are still interested in the job, you may wish to ask them how you are doing to see if you can turn the interview around. 

They ask you to come back for another interview. 

The first interview is frequently used by companies to weed out applicants that are not a fit for the job or for the company. Companies do not routinely ask candidates to do additional rounds of interviewing as applicants go further into the application process. If they ask you to come back for another interview, this means they feel you may be the right candidate.

They introduce you to team members. 

This means they are interested in what their employees think of you. It also gives you a chance to learn more about the work from an internal perspective. If they show you how they do their job or ask you to do a skill-based assessment, you have already proven to previous interviewers that you have the credentials they believe are necessary to do the job. 

The conversation turns informal. 

If they ask you about your hobbies and your personal life, this means that you may have already convinced them that you are capable of doing the job. Another example is that tf they complement you on your outfit, they are showing interest in you by focusing on small details about you. They may be trying to get to know you better in order to determine if you are a culture fit for the company and the team you would be working with. 

They discuss a start date and a salary. 

Discussion of a start date and salary requirements means they are very interested in hiring you. These questions are often the last questions an employer will ask before checking references or extending a job offer. 

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