The Kiosk Receives Certificate of Recognition at CUNY Correspondents’ Dinner

TheKiosk Certificate of Recognition.

Our student-run news site received a Certificate of Recognition at the CUNY Correspondents’ Dinner held on May 23, 2019, at City College’s Great Hall.

Hosted by CUNY University Student Senate, the inaugural CUNY Correspondents’ Dinner was developed to recognize and honor student media and journalists across CUNY. Since our inception on October 29, 2018, The Kiosk’s dedicated team of content providers have sought to share news, ideas, and experiences as a way to bridge all CUNY SPS constituents.

“Student journalism […] fosters community and helps writers hone their craft in a collaborative atmosphere,” says Lisa Sheridan, The Kiosk’s founder, and editor-in-chief. “It ensures students have a voice and holds those in power accountable. As online students without an analog campus experience, I thought it was particularly important that we have a student journalism publication to serve [our] students.”

Receipt of this accolade has affirmed the assiduous effort that Sheridan and The Kiosk team have devoted and serves as motivation to proliferate our journalistic endeavors.

“Personally, this award provides recognition, appreciation, and support for the work that has been done,” says Duubar Villalobos Jimenez, The Kiosk’s news editor. “With this award, we can now be more confident in the outstanding services that we provide, thus encouraging us to keep stimulating our society to achieve greater good.”

The event counted with the representation and participation of very talented individuals from all CUNY Schools and Colleges that love to create, inspire and communicate ideas that support and lead the growth of our community and our city overall. 

In order to keep the momentum, come and join us, and help us by creating greater journalism and spread the word.

The previous press release was published at our official CUNY School of Professional Studies news site.

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