What’s Happening – Communication and Media

Dr. Elizabeth Alsop – Academic Director of Communication and Media/Liberal Studies

The Kiosk had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Elizabeth Alsop, the CUNY SPS Assistant Professor and Academic Director of the Communication and Media/Liberal Studies programs. In the interview, Dr. Alsop discussed what is new in the Communication and Media program for the Fall. In her first year at CUNY SPS, Dr. Alsop’s main objective was to listen and learn about the culture of the Communication and Media department. Now in her second year, Dr. Alsop is working on several new projects for the program.

CUNY Academic Commons – Communications and [email protected] SPS

One of Dr. Alsop’s first projects is the implementation of the Communication and Media blog on the CUNY Academic Commons. The program’s new blog is designed to deliver to students, faculty, and alumni the ability to connect, network, and share information on a digital platform.

Communications and Media Advisory Board

Secondly, Dr. Alsop is currently assembling an advisory board devised of CUNY SPS faculty, industry media professionals and alumni. The objective in creating this advisory board is to help guide the development of the program with the utilization of the board’s “input and suggestions regarding the curriculum revisions.” Dr. Alsop believes that the expertise of the advisory board and response from students can help “shape the curriculum in a way that can best serve the majors.”

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2 thoughts on “What’s Happening – Communication and Media”

  1. Great article De Quency! I love the idea of an advisory board – and I didn’t know about that. Thanks so much for sharing this info with us.

  2. I will be graduating soon and it would be amazing if I could join the advisory board! This is my first time hearing about it and it sounds awesome. I love SPS and would appreciate being able to keep my hand in on what’s happening in the school, and especially in my degree program.

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