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Summer Session: Mental Health and Financial Emergencies

The column “When Good Students Struggle” is dedicated to providing students with strategies and options for success. While the other segments focused on the academic struggle, this article addresses conflicts that are not academic. This third issue of the series offers some solutions for financial emergencies and issues with mental wellness.

Students should know that there is never any shame in asking for help. Everyone at SPS works to ensure that students earn their degrees.

New Mental Wellness Services

In August of 2018, Dr. Erin Jeanette joined SPS to establish a mental health program. These services are confidential and free to all enrolled SPS students. As a clinical psychologist with a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, and licensed to practice in New York State, Dr. Jeanette provides crisis assessment and intervention, one-time consultations, and customized referrals for off-campus services. Before joining SPS, Dr. Jeanette spent six years working in college mental health facilities at City and Barnard Colleges.

Dr. Jeanette told The Kiosk, “When a school starts a mental health service, services typically build gradually, as each new offering requires different administrative structures in order for the service to comply with legal and ethical standards.” She further detailed “In Spring of 2019, I added ongoing consultation to our offerings. In Fall of 2019, I hope to add short-term psychotherapy to that list.”

Lastly, it is important to remember that all services are free and confidential. Student records will never record the use of mental health services. To get more information, students can email [email protected] or call 646-664-8647.

Financial Emergencies

Adult student life can mean facing unforeseen circumstances: loss of job, divorce, health problems….. The struggle is real. The CUNY SPS Emergency Grant is available to assist when students face a financial emergency. Thanks to generous funding by the Petrie Foundation, students who face economic crises can apply for a grant of up to $1,500. Leah Chajeczkis, Enrollment Bursar Director, told The Kiosk the fund helps students quickly. “When the application is approved, the grant pays third-party recipients in less than a week.” The grant does not pay tuition. The payments go directly to a third party creditor: the student’s landlord, the student’s medical bill, or Con Edison, for example. Ms. Chajeckis added, “I want students to know that their information is absolutely confidential.”

Zeita Marion Lobley, of Student Services, helps walk students through the application process. Ms. Lobley, or as most know her, simply “Z”, advised The Kiosk, “I will assist with the application process. I help students with resources. I’ll advise on negotiating with their creditors.” To contact Ms. Lobley for further information, use this email link to contact her directly.

Students can apply for the emergency grant by going to the scholarship page.

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  1. Douglas Figueredo

    This is really important information and shows CUNY’s dedication to the wellness and success of the student population. There is help here for everyone.

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