Submission Guidelines

How to pitch to The Kiosk

The Kiosk’s mission is to bridge the distance-learning gap by creating a virtual student lounge for all aspects of student life. If you’re a CUNY School of Professional Studies student and want to share your work with our community, we’d love to hear from you!


Please send us an email at [email protected] with the subject of your pitch in the email subject line or use this Google form. In your pitch, please provide a detailed explanation of what your story or multimedia project would entail, including a possible headline and lede or first paragraph. If you already have a completed article or project, feel free to send it over. 


While we are open to various topics, we only ask that you adhere to a writing style that prioritizes clarity, brevity, consistency, and of course, accuracy. If you’re interested in journalism as a career and want to use your article as a clip for future job applications, we suggest adhering to the AP Stylebook, though it’s not necessary to be published in The Kiosk.


Here are the stories we’re most interested in:

  • General CUNY SPS news 
  • Announcements for upcoming CUNY SPS club events
  • Coverage of past club events
  • Op-eds or personal essays on student life
  • Faculty or student profiles, or stories covering university departments and efforts

Despite these topics being of most interest to us, we believe that everyone’s voices, perspectives, and experiences have the potential to make an impact. We welcome any piece of writing or creative work that you’re passionate about sharing — that includes photography, art, videos, podcasts, and much more.


Any submission is welcome — and it just might have a place within The Kiosk!

Frequently Asked Questions

You can submit your ideas either via email or our Google form


The Kiosk is open to various types of content, with a focus on journalistic writing about the school and students. However, we also welcome multimedia submissions, including photography, videography, podcasts, and more. Feel free to reach out to us with your ideas!


We recommend articles to be between 200-800 words. Depending on the content, we will also accept longer articles. 


It is not necessary to follow the AP Stylebook for submissions, but encouraged. Our editorial team will review your writing before publication, providing you with an opportunity to receive feedback.


While we mainly encourage current CUNY SPS students to submit, we are open to alumni contributing if the topic is relevant to their time at the school.


Currently, we do not offer monetary compensation. However, we are working on a system to allow students to receive credits for their contributions. Publishing for The Kiosk can also serve as valuable experience on your resume for career development.


Yes, we hold open editorial meetings every Wednesday each semester to discuss story ideas and give feedback to writers. If you’re interested, reach out to us via email to get information about meeting invites and times.


You can sign up for the newsletter by following this link.


Yes, you can submit content you’ve written before, as long as it hasn’t been published elsewhere.


We aim to publish at least 2 articles a week. There are no general submissions deadlines, but we will communicate with you directly about when we’re looking for your submission.