With You

There you were in my life, so unexpectedly
You filled a hole in my heart
which meant the world to me

You showed me things through your little words that I have never known,
Day by day, week by week
My feelings for you have grown

You told me what you wanted and I believed it true
You were different from the others
Unlike the things they do

Slowly you took me inward
like a moth to a flame
By chance was our meeting and
I’ll never be the same

I swore I wouldn’t do it,
I would not let you in
But with your words, touch and charm
a journey I’d begin

The first time that you touched me
a tear fell from my eye
For it was deeper than my skin you touched;
this cannot be a lie.

You touched my heart, my mind, my soul
A window to my world
And all of my emotions started to unfurl

Deep in your eyes I would stare every time you’d speak
The looks that you gave to me always made me weak

Then on that day you called me
your voice was not the same
In your eyes where passion played,
I could see only pain

You said you cannot hurt me
as I meant that much to you
I listened to you in silence
what else could I do

I have no chains that bind you
no promises you did keep
Just know forever in my dreams
You’re with me when I sleep

If friends it is that we must be,
while you’re searching for your star
Remember this as you go on
I am never very far

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