Reviving connections at the Museum Studies Club Mixer

When Pamela Lucero joined the CUNY SPS Museum Studies Club in Fall 2023 as the treasurer, little did she expect to step into the role of president and help revive the club after a prolonged hiatus. “What we want is really to offer a space for everyone to connect with each other as people, as students, and as professionals,” she said. “Since we’re in a program that’s online, it’s really nice to be able to have the opportunity to meet each other.”

The recent mixer hosted on March 26th by the club was a reflection of this, as students and alumni gathered in-person and online to engage in discussions, share experiences, and network.

With approximately 20 alumni and students gathered, Lucero highlighted the event as a great opportunity for students to get to know each other, ask questions about the program, courses, and career paths. “And we didn’t have a structure, which allowed everyone to mingle with different groups… It was more like building a social support network, and I think that is something important for students to have,” Lucero elaborated. 

Natalie Fontana, the club’s social media manager, emphasized the importance of these gatherings, saying, “We want to make sure that people know we exist and that there is a place for up-and-coming professionals, and people who are very passionate about this kind of job, so that there is a sense of community.”

The Museum Studies Club, originally branded as a student organization, was founded by a small group of passionate students who wanted to provide a welcoming space for art enthusiasts. “I’d spoken to the president before me. And he’d said, even though he had the best of intentions [with the club], the capstone semester had hit. So, we’re like the second attempt at [this],” Lucero said. This transition from an organization to a club was done in the hopes of fostering a more student-led, informal, accessible environment.

Fontana detailed the rebranding efforts, stating, “We decided on a new image for the group together, different kinds of marketing specs, and color coordination—things that we can use over time.” She now prioritizes frequent social media posting and engaging with students directly. 

Lucero encourages everyone to join the club, saying, “My advice for someone considering—or even just thinking about it—is to just do it. Just do it. Because, when you’re a student, there’s never going to be the right time—you have to make time. So my advice is just dive in and you’ll swim out.” Interested students can find more information on the club’s Instagram page.

Looking ahead, the club has exciting plans for upcoming events, including panels, workshops, and virtual sessions. Their next event, “A Conversation With Career Services,” will delve into resume building and career advice tailored for Museum Studies students. It is scheduled for April 16th at 6:00 pm via Zoom.

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