It all begins with a personal essay submission that initiates a ”why” question: ”Why do you wish to complete your degree at the CUNY School of Professional Studies?”

Before applying, the pandemic taught CUNY SPS Governing Council candidate Thomas Kim about the value of self-learning, he said, while proudly explaining that CUNY students are a representation of what New Yorkers have to offer the world.

“I chose to attend a CUNY school because of its reputation as an affordable, competitive, and local university in New York and I love that I can find similar diversity at a CUNY campus,” said Kim. “And I chose to attend CUNY SPS for my master’s degree because I preferred online school over the traditional classroom experience.”

The CUNY network proves that education connects New Yorkers from all walks of life despite their circumstances, especially for SPS Human Relations major Adrienne Malone-Griffiths, who expressed her choice to attend SPS after previously attending CUNY Queensborough Community College.

“I chose a CUNY school for its convenience and affordability, so it allowed me to keep the maximum number of credits,” said Malone-Griffiths. “CUNY SPS for the HRL program, the coursework was interesting to me and it addressed everything I wanted to do professionally.”

“I choose CUNY SPS for the convenience and flexibility it grants me as a full time employee and mother of two,” said Stephanie Dumet, who is pursuing a degree in Healthcare Service Administration. “Time feels more like a scarce resource at CUNY SPS. I’m able to take all my classes asynchronously.”

Like many high school graduates looking into schools that offer flexible classes, Alexandra Perez Jimenez found CUNY SPS to be a perfect fit. Now a representative for the CUNY SPS Governing Council, Jimenez will also be graduating with an MA of Psychology by 2024.

“Throughout my time here as a student, I have learned a lot of work/life skills, made many friends through joining clubs,” said Perez Jimenez. “And [I] have become a better learner.”

SPS graduate student Jade Powell is proud of being a product of the CUNY system, the education she experienced at CUNY for both pursuing an associate’s and bachelor’s degree, so it moved her to continue her graduate education at CUNY after Powell’s supervisor told her about the Disability Services in Higher Education MS program at SPS. From there, Powell decided to look into the program, which spoke volumes to her on how informative and helpful it would be for her.

“I had already experienced a great education at CUNY,” said Powell. “I always encourage people to look into CUNY SPS and it takes into consideration the working person, the family person, the busy person. It’s truly the best place to be.”

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